Turn uncertainty into confidence

Any product development firm will tell you they can make your device work.

That’s great, but not enough.

That’s why we turned our engagement model upside down to give you a viable path to business success.

Hard to find expertise in implantable and life-saving devices
“Been there done that” does make a difference when it comes to complex class II and class III device development.

Cash-preserving result-based pricing
Our milestone-based pricing allows you to plan your budget with confidence and draw a viable path to commercial success.

Device-ready building blocks for a quick head start
Using our rich library of hardware designs, software code, and documentation templates — we can get you faster to the finish line while minimizing project risk.

All hands on deck
We are a small team so you always work directly with our best and brightest, because that’s all we have.

No surprises. Period.
Complete transparency throughout the project so you always know where you are.

Is Nocturnal the right partner for you?

Do you have a great concept for a life enhancing medical device?
Are you looking for proven experts that can turn your concept into a commercially viable device?
Do you need predictable product development costs to ensure you don’t run out of cash before your next funding milestone?
Do you want to work with industry-leading experts that are hands-on with your project?

If you answered yes to these questions,

let’s talk!

“Nocturnal greatly contributed to the development of our ground-breaking implantable device. Their expertise helped us overcome several design challenges and played an important role in turning our vision into a clinically-viable product.”
David Prutchi, Ph.D., CTO & Executive VP, Impulse Dynamics

Our top team
is now
your team.

We are a small firm where everyone is an expert in their field, everyone is working hands-on with a client, and everyone is invested in your success.

Turn your sketch into reality.