Vision and Leadership

We are engineers and scientists at heart.

What gets us going and keeps us awake at night is the thrill of figuring out the nuts and bolts (and also the code) that deliver groundbreaking medical innovations and change people’s lives.

But we also understand the regulatory and commercial hurdles that innovators must clear to bring a device to market.

That’s why we came up with a unique engagement model designed to help medical device entrepreneurs make their vision a reality.


KC Armstrong, MSEE

Founder & President

I am a design engineer with over 25 years of experience developing Class II and Class III medical, automotive safety, and Class 4 industrial safety devices.

I have implemented circuitry, systems, and algorithms for multiple implantable devices and other complex, high-reliability, safety-critical products, and have filed 14 US patents and patent applications.

My main focus has been on electrophysiology, neuromodulation, and biophotonics, and my primary responsibilities at Nocturnal are the architecting and implementation of hardware, embedded software, and optical systems.

Eyal Dayan, PMP

VP of Operation & Business Development

I have been leading complex software and hardware projects for over 25 years, developing and delivering projects for the medical, military, telecom, and cloud storage industries in the US, Europe, and Asia.

My primary role at Nocturnal is business development, working closely with our clients to identify opportunities for accelerating the delivery of high-quality systems and products by implementing the latest technologies and product development methodologies.

Cinnamon Larson, PhD

VP of Research and Development

I have over 25 years of product development experience including Class II and Class III medical devices and have designed multiple intravascular products and complex catheters for therapy delivery.

I am a specialist in finite element analysis for failure analysis and design optimization.

My responsibilities include product development process planning, product ideation, and detailed mechanical design.

Our top team
is now
your team.

We are a small firm where everyone is an expert in their field, everyone is working hands-on with a client, and everyone is invested in your success.

Turn your sketch into reality.