The ultra-low power /
high performance challenge

Designing a medical device with ultra-low power consumption presents a unique set of challenges for hardware and software design.

Multidisciplinary expertise

In addition to simply balancing performance trade-off considerations, designing for ultra-low power requires an integrated approach to hardware and software design. It also requires specialized testing to ensure that the power consumption profile is properly defined for all operating scenarios in the intended clinical application.

Stay Ahead of the curve with ultra-low power innovation

Whether it’s for a cardiac rhythm management, neuromodulation, vascular, or any other implantable device, working with Nocturnal’s team of experts you are always one step ahead of the latest advances in ultra-low power device development, including:

When optimally utilized, a new generation of processors, (e.g., ARM Cortex-M) can operate on minimal power while still providing high performance, making them ideal for use in medical devices that require high computing power while consuming minimal energy.

Recent advances in power management software, such as dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (DVFS) and power-aware scheduling algorithms, make it possible to optimize power usage across different components of the device, thereby extending battery life and reducing power consumption.

New technologies allow medical devices to reduce the need for frequent battery replacements by acquiring energy from their surroundings, such as the patient’s body, motion, or ambient light.
Low-power wireless communication technologies, such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enable wireless medical devices to operate for extended periods on a single battery charge.

Result-based business model

Cash efficiency is a “do or die” proposition for any early stage company, and hourly-priced projects can quickly lead to cost and time overruns.

Our pricing is based on results, giving you the predictability you need to plan your budget and meet your funding milestones with confidence.

And with direct access to our project management system, you have real-time visibility into our progress so you always know where you are.

You pay for: Milestones completed

You don’t pay for: Our time

design for success

From napkin sketch to commercially-viable product, we take a holistic approach to product development, addressing all the required aspects for your device to be successful:

Ensuring the device can perform as required to deliver the intended clinical results

Ensuring the device can be operated in the intended clinical setting

Ensuring the design and development process is documented in compliance with ISO 13485:2016 and that the design meets the requirements imposed by relevant regulatory standards

Ensuring manufacturing is feasible within your business case assumptions and identifying qualified suppliers and manufacturing partners

Optimizing device cost of goods sold (COGS)

“Nocturnal has once again exceeded the milestones specified, and using off-the-shelf computational hardware has kept product costs competitive.”
Bruce Ferguson, MD, Chief Medical Officer & Co-Founder, Perfusio

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