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Paris, France and Durham, North Carolina – Linxens, a global expert in the design and manufacture of electronic components, and Nocturnal, specialized in the design and development of wearable and implantable medical devices, announce their partnership to accelerate time to market of advanced medical devices.

A Promising Partnership

The challenge within the MedTech industry today lies in offering patient-friendly solutions that seamlessly integrate electronic skin patches, biosensors, and connectivity into a single life-enhancing device. Linxens has more than 40 years of experience, covering the entire industrial process, from R&D and prototyping to mass production. Nocturnal brings over two decades of expertise in medical device engineering, specializing in ultra-low power hardware and software development. By combining Linxens’ and Nocturnal’s respective competences, the entire development process can be accelerated, giving patients faster access to solutions that improve their daily lives.

"Through our partnership with Nocturnal, we offer a complete and integrated solution, from concept design to final packaging, to accelerate the commercialization of innovative and transformative medical devices for patients. We are proud of our expertise in developing high-quality solutions and are committed to supporting our customers every step of the way,” said Minh Lê, Vice President at Linxens Healthcare.

Accelerating Market Access with High Standards of Safety

Both Nocturnal and Linxens have a proven track record of maintaining the highest quality and safety standards. Linxens' smartpatches are manufactured at its facility in Sweden, which is ISO 13485:2016 certified, while Nocturnal’s office and development labs hold the same certification for the provision of electrical, mechanical, and software design and development services to manufacturers of medical devices. This commitment to quality ensures that any product developed through this partnership will not only reach the market faster, but will do so without compromising safety or efficacy.

"Our collaboration is designed to fast-track the introduction of groundbreaking medical devices that can transform patient care," stated KC Armstrong, Founder and President of Nocturnal. "Incorporating Linxens’ advanced medical-grade biosensors and skin electronic adhesion technologies into our product designs will provide device innovators with the latest advances in bio-sensor technology while reducing the risk associated with new product introduction."

About Linxens

For over 40 years, Linxens has been a world leader in the electronics industry, providing innovative, customized component-based solutions to meet the most demanding technical specifications in terms of connectivity, traceability and authentication. Linxens has 7 R&D centers and 8 factories worldwide, and employs over 3,500 people. Linxens has a unique infrastructure to meet the specific needs of its customers, from prototyping to mass production, supported by roll-to-roll manufacturing capabilities. To offer its solutions and expertise to MedTech, the Group is deploying a dedicated offering under the Linxens Healthcare brand, which includes solutions in electronic skin patches / wearables, biosensor manufacturing and connected solutions. The Group has delivered over 500 million electrochemical sensors and more than 15 million electronic skin patches to the healthcare market until today.

About Nocturnal

Nocturnal helps medical device innovators accelerate the path to commercialization. Led by experts with over 25 years of experience in Class II and Class III lifesaving and implantable devices, The company specializes in areas that include cardiac rhythm management, neuromodulation, biosignal acquisition, and ultra-low power hardware and software design. By offering a unique milestone-based pricing model, Nocturnal helps medical device companies focus on achieving critical product milestones with greater predictability and transparency throughout the development process.

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